We are proud to include Search Inside Yourself (SIY) within our portfolio of Mindful Leadership offerings. Born at Google and based on neuroscience, SIY teaches mindfulness to enhance the emotional intelligence and performance of leaders and employees. 

The 2-day interactive

program includes:

  • An overview of the neuroscience supporting mindfulness and emotional intelligence.

  • A deep-dive into the emotional intelligence capacities: self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and leadership.

  • Practical exercises to focus attention and develop self-awareness and empathy, the foundation for self-mastery and leadership.

  • Specific workplace applications to help participants achieve greater focus, emotional balance, empathy and motivation.

  • A highly interactive experience, with 1/3 presentation and 2/3 hands-on exercises.

  • A 28-day challenge following the 2-day program. Daily resources and exercises are provided to help people build new habits after the training.


Participants will experience lasting improvements, including:


  • Increased self-awareness and self-regulation, the first two core emotional intelligence competencies.

  • Practical take-away skills: a range of mindfulness practices, journaling, and techniques for self-awareness, empathetic listening, and preparing for difficult conversations.

  • Tools to communicate with insight and awareness of others’ emotions and perspectives.

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