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Rafael combines 25 years of international corporate experience and mindfulness practice. He has held leadership positions at Fortune 100 companies such as MasterCard and American Express, and he is a Certified Mindfulness-based Emotional Intelligence Teacher from the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute. 

He used to be what is called a “closet meditator” keeping his mindfulness practice completely separated from his corporate life, until he realized that the benefits of mindfulness should be shared at work, that’s why he created a mindfulness meditation practice at Mastercard (LAC Regional Headquarters). Seeing first hand the positive impacts that mindfulness brought to the employees who joined the program, he felt inspired to fully dedicate his career to spread the practice of mindfulness at work. 

In November 2017, Rafael founded OnBeing Mindful with the purpose o help individuals to become the best version of themselves so they can lead a more productive and meaningful life in their workplace, in their family and at the society at large.

Rafael’s unique combination of international corporate experience and solid mindfulness practice allows him to work with organizations of any size to create the proper conditions for all team members to realize their full potential and become who they really are. A working environment, where they can operate with a deep sense of purpose and meaning, where the results are achieved with enthusiasm and work is a real source of personal fulfillment.

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Mindfulness Facilitator

Gabriela is a certified Coach in Education and Mindfulness with more than 10 years of experience combined with a successful marketing career that spans more than 12 years in Financial Institutions. 


In 2004 while studying mindfulness and emotional intelligence she discovered her abilities to understand human behavior, and learned how to apply that knowledge to her professional and personal life. Gabriela’s solid yoga and meditation practiced started in South Asia where she lived for 7 years, being based in Hong Kong she had the opportunity to travel across the region and get immersed in a diverse style of schools and regularly participate in mindfulness meditation and yoga retreats in Bali, Thailand and Hong Kong. 


As a full-time mom adapting to a different culture and lifestyle during this period, she faced new challenges that also taught her a different way to see and appreciate life.  This inspired her to seek opportunities to keep learning about herself with the aim of becoming a better version of who she was.



Gabriela is a mindfulness certified teacher by the Spanish School for Transpersonal Development (Escuela Española de Desarrollo Transpersonal) and she is passionate about sharing the benefits of mindfulness in a corporate setting by helping people to learn how to lead from a place of full presence and self-awareness that are the foundations for personal growth and transformation. 

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