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Adaptive resilience is the ability to recover from adversity, adapt and thrive. It builds the capacity to be productive, resourceful and creative while dealing with changing circumstances or adversity.
This interactive program uses a mindfulness-based approach to build the behaviors, mental habits and practices that promote personal resilience while growing a culture of resilience within teams and organizations. This 3-part series is available for in-person delivery or as a live online training.


The live sessions are structured into three 90-minute modules that offer simple, practical and applied tools for building resilience and thriving especially in challenging times or environments:




Managing stress and overwhelm, and staying focused in difficult and uncertain times.

Learning Objectives

  • Equip yourself and the team with tools for staying calm and working with difficult emotions in the midst of adversity.

  • Develop the skills for harnessing mental clarity and focus in uncertain and ambiguous times.


Tips and techniques for staying calm and working with difficult emotions together with practices to develop mental clarity and focus in difficult times.


Shift Mindsets


Mindsets and skills for adaptability and creativity in the midst of uncertainty and complexity. 

Learning Objectives

  • Grow capacity to adapt in the face of major disruptions in work and life

  • Broaden perspectives to transition from negativity biases to growth mindsets

  • Increase creativity and define new possibilities.

Build skills and capacities for effectively adapting to change, boosting creative problem-solving and staying agile in a VUCA world.



Creating a change-capable culture by growing empathy and psychological safety in your team and organization.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the role connection can have in building trust. 

  • Grow capacity to exercise empathy and compassion in challenging times.

  • Understand psychological safety and how to integrate it into your team and organization especially during times of difficulty and massive disruption. 

Actionable skills for growing empathy and psychological safety in order to create an agile, change-capable culture in teams and organizations.

In each of the modules, emphasis will be placed on concrete and practical skills and tools that you can implement immediately to boost resilience. 


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